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Liga wrote:

"I wanted to thank all of you [Mark, Phil, Chad at the DC/NoVA facility in July 2012] once again for the excellent, caring, and professional way you handled Savannah's medical crisis on July 19. Thank goodness the news turned out to be good news, and she is fully recovered and has absolutely stumped the vet at Seven Bends with her "miraculous" recovery. [But] all of it could have turned out much, much differently if it weren't for the quick decision making, the appropriate contacts made, and the great coordination between all of you, my emergency contact here, and Dr. Connor at 7 Bends. I was dismayed when I came out of my eye surgery on Thursday afternoon to learn what had happened, but was so reassured when I knew you had all done everything absolutely the way it need to be done. I am beyond impressed with all of you, eternally grateful, and glad that Savannah had such good "angels" around her when she needed them. Thank you again -- Country Dogs is the best!!!"

Maria wrote:
"I just wanted to thank everyone at the NY/NJ/PA farm [in July 2012] for taking excellent care of Bunker and Birdie while we were away. Leaving our furry children for such a long period of time was a VERY stressful thought.  I was really worried that if I didn't find the right place for them, they would be so unhappy and anxiety filled.  When I found Country Dogs, I was hopeful that they would be in a good situation.  And the more I researched your organization, the more confident I became.

My confidence was well placed.  After 29 DAYS at Country Dogs, Bunker and Birdie came home looking great - trim, fit and healthy.  But most importantly, they were calm and peaceful.  Absolutely NO SIGNS of stress or anxiety.  I was amazed.  I would never have believed that they could be away from us for such a long period of time and do so very well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Thank you for the pictures on Facebook, thank you for responding to my questions and thank you for doing such a great job.  While I don't expect to travel for that great a length of time again, I do expect that Bunker and Birdie will be staying with you whenever we travel next."
Carole wrote:

“I have been meaning to write and thank you for taking such good care of Max at Country Dogs while I was away [at your DC/NoVA Farm in April 2012]. Phil made sure the pick up and drop off went perfectly and Max looked (and smelled!) so good when I got home later that day. Although Max can’t tell me about his experience, it was apparent that he had a great time and after a really long nap, came bouncing around for his usual tummy rub. Thanks again and I look forward to using Country Dogs again in the near future.”

Tom and Allen wrote:

“Thank you for taking such good care of Jackson [at your DC/NOVA farm in February 2012]. He came home happy and healthy. It looks like he got an “A” in swimming at camp and had a great time, too!”

Karen wrote:

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the care you gave to Aspen [at your DC/NOVA farm in February 2012] whilst we were skiing … I think he had terrific fun and is actually missing the farm and the other dogs this week. Phil, thank you for the kindness and care you gave him; we really do appreciate it. It is one less thing to worry about when we go away. We will definitely book with you again. Thank you once again – I will make sure I spread the word about your loving/fun facility.”

Samuel wrote:

“Thank you for all your care and attention [at the DC/NoVA site in February 2012]. When we visited Bailey we were so moved by the quality of your operation and have told many of our friends how pleased we were.”

Jess wrote:

“Thanks to your staff for taking such good care of our dogs [at the DC/NoVA site in September, 2011] during our week-long vacation. They had a GREAT time, and I know they’ll be happy to come back when we go away again. “

Alyssa wrote:

“Thank you so much for taking care of my baby [at the NYC/NJ/PA site in August 2011]. I am always so happy when she comes home. [Gracie] is happy, healthy, and full of energy. You do such an outstanding job with her. I know you know my girl and give her the best possible care. I can tell by the way she is with you that she loves you and Mrs. Cope so much. I will always send her to camp with you.”

Jennifer wrote:

“[Gus] looks great and seems happy and healthy [after visiting theNYC/NJ/PA site in July 2011]. He even cried a little when the van pulled off—which I take is a sign of how much he enjoyed his stay. Thank you again and please extend my gratitude to Tom and his wife for taking my calls and taking such good care of Gus.”

Paul wrote:

“Dart’s owner here. I was thinking about you guys today. I have never told you how much we appreciate your service. We all love our dogs and want to have them always happy and well cared for. I have to say that Dart comes home from your farm [at the NYC/NJ/PA site in Summer 2011] happy, well cared-for and thinner from all the running and playing. It is so great and refreshing, not to mention reassuring, in this age of not much service from anyone that your wonderful caring service is something we can always count on when we need to board Dart. If he could talk I know he would echo this. Have a great rest of the summer.”

Patrick wrote:

“Just wanted to say thank you. Our dog cager stayed with Phil [at the DC/NoVA site in June 2011] while we were out of town and things seemed to go great. After meeting Phil and talking with him we felt very comfortable leaving Cager with him; he did a great job explaining things and putting our minds to rest. Cager was at camp for almost two weeks and came back a little lighter and very happy. Both of you were very helpful in making things work; please let Phil know as well.”

Dawn wrote:

“Please send my thanks to Ruth and Tom [and John]. Blackie and Ben seem to have had a great time [at the NYC/NJ/PA facility in June 2011]. Tom said it took Blackie a little while to feel comfortable, but she adjusted well after 2 days. They came home much more happy than they have ever come home from a regular kennel. I was so thankful for the pictures Tom sent of them in the run wagging their tails. I felt so comfortable about the care they were in that I didn’t worry at all while I was on vacation. Thank you so much. We are all ready for next year’s vacation both the family and the dogs. However I’ll be calling if I need you sooner. “

Tracy wrote:

“By the way, I like the way the place looked [after visiting theNYC/NJ/PA facility in May 2011]. Very nice location and clean. It did not smell like a dog boarding facility nor like a bunch of chemicals poured on the ground to mask the dog smell. It looked just like the pictures. I say this cause sometimes pictures are deceiving. Really very nice.”

Cathleen wrote:

“Thank you so much for this wonderful facility! Tom, Ruth, and John were outstanding with our puppy [at the NYC/NJ/PA site in April 2011] and the facility is absolutely gorgeous. The barn where the dogs were lodged wasPRISTINELY clean and so very comfortable for the ‘campers.’ I will definitely be using your company again and refer my friends as well. I was also comforted by Tom’s email updates with pictures…truly above the call of duty! Country Dogs gets an A+ in every category. Thank you!”

Patty wrote:

“Sailor is back safe and sound [from the DC/NoVA site in April 2011] and most importantly Happy. Thank you so much!”

Cyndie wrote:

“Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of Copper and Penny [in February 2011 at the NYC/NJ/PA site]. I hope they were good for you : ) It was an easy process with you guys and we look forward to using you again!”

Ali wrote:

“Sophie and Junie (sometimes known as our fuzzy children) just got back from a 10 day stay at Country Dogs [in October 2010 at the DC/NoVA site]. They came home looking wonderful…and wonderfully tired. One of the things we love most about Country Dogs is that when Michael delivers the dogs back to the house, he gives a report that is more than just a perfunctory ‘it went well.’ He tells us about how they played in detail enough that we can recognize our dogs specific behaviors in the description. In other words, he really knows our dogs. That level of care makes us very happy customers. Having Country Dogs as a resource makes it easier for us to take vacations…thank you!!!”

Tish wrote:

“I have been meaning to email you since our two labs spent their first visit with you over Labor Day [2010 at the DC/NoVA site]. Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with how it went. The pickup was smooth and the dogs came home happy, well-exercised (and therefore calm) and clean as a whistle. I think we’ve found our new favorite vacation spot for them!”

Bronte wrote:

“Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job looking after Spartacus [at the NYC/NJ/PA site in October 2010]. My roommate visited him recently, and had nothing but great things to say about how well he was doing and how much care he was receiving. Apparently he’s even putting on weight :) I hate being away from him so long, so I really appreciate the effort that goes into giving him a great stay. And on that note, I will definitely be extending him through to … 15 November.”

Virginia wrote:

“We love sending Humphrey to Country Dogs [DC/NoVA in September 2010]! We know that he is happiest when he has water to swim in and has space to sprawl out. Sending him to a kennel where he is locked up all day would be horrible. But this is why we love Country Dogs! Not only is MIke so sweet and kind (he puts up with our annoying phone calls), but Humphrey comes back dirty and happy! Thanks Country Dogs!”

Shigeko wrote:

“Just another sincere thank you for Charlie care [at NYC/NJ/PA in August 2010] and I think he was not so crazy about returning to city pavements. All the best to you and will spread words for you and will return on our next travel times … I was so far away and [thank you for] your email correspondence (which I was never able to receive from any other city dog care services). All the way around the world was such a relief and I appreciated this very much.”

Shannon wrote:

“Your rates are very reasonable and we will recommend Country Dogs to everyone we know. Bicknell came back [from NYC/NJ/PA in March 2010] very calm and happy (and he no longer has to sleep in our bed so we thank you for that as well!) so we know he had a great time. We will be back for sure…”

Carolyn wrote:

“Just wanted to say thank you for everything. I was very pleased with my vacation knowing that my pet was well taken care of. I could tell when I picked her up that she was happy and enjoyed herself [at the DC/NoVA site in June 2010]. I hope to use your services again when I travel abroad or away again. Next time will probably take advantage of your pick up and delivery services.”

Marc wrote:

“Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Country Dogs for taking such good care of Bruno [at the NYC/NJ/PA site in October 2009]. He seems really happy, and he looked like he was having a great time in the pictures Tom gave me when he dropped him off last night. You guys run a first class operation and I am sure Bruno is looking forward to returning when we go on our next vacation. We’ll be sure to let our friends know about Country Dogs, too.“

Karen wrote:

“Smokey had his first visit to Country Dogs [DC/NoVA site] last week and I think he really enjoyed his stayed. He is very tired now and is catching up on sleep! I enjoyed working with Mike and his wife is very sweet too. Smokey even got �peer pressured� to go into the pond! Thanks again and we look forward to his next stay in a few weeks.”

Lynne wrote:

“I can’t tell you how happy we are to have found Country Dogs! Our Prudence is very dear to us and yet we occasionally like to travel without her. She comes back from her vacation with Country Dogs [NYC/NJ/PA] very happy and more fit – we think of it as Prudence’s “Spa Vacation.” We are so happy with the service, the pick up and delivery, and the very competitive cost that I now carry contact details for Country Dogs in my pocket to share with my neighbors when dog walking. Thank you so much for making our vacations as special and worry free as the ones you provide Prudence.”

Nancy wrote:

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with your [DC/NoVA] facility. It was not only beautiful and clean but your caretaker, Michael Mullins, is wonderful! He showed me around the property and eased my mind about sending my dogs “to camp.” When he picked up the dogs, he was on time and gentle with my nervous animals. As I leave for my trip, I feel that they are in good hands.”

Amy wrote:

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I were with your Country Dogs facility in [NYC/NJ/PA]. Tom, Ruth, and John were fantastic. I have boarded my dogs before; and while I’ve never had any specific complaints, something always seemed amiss. For 3 days after bringing them home they would be anxious and hyperactive.”

Amy, continued:

“I have 2 boxers with 2 very different needs. Miranda, 12, is a very sensitive dog that needs a gentle touch. Her arthritis requires medicine on a daily basis. Otto, on the other hand, is 6 and very high energy. I also had some concerns regarding his aggression towards other dogs. After talking to Tom, I felt reassured he had the knowledge and skills to meet our needs. Still, I did call 3 times from Mexico for an update; and never once did they make me feel foolish for checking-in. It was a relief to hear they were doing well, and amusing to learn the names of their new doggie playmates. When we picked them up we found two happy and fit dogs. Miranda was actually walking better with less signs of arthritis, and Otto was very calm. So calm, in fact, he slept for three days. Mission accomplished!”

Amy, continued:

“We can’t thank the Copes enough for all of the expertise and TLC they showed Otto and Miranda during their stay at Country Dogs. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a clean, caring, safe, and fun environment in which to board their dogs!”

Karen wrote:

“I wanted to tell you folks that I really appreciate Mark’s taking all the time he did talking to me and reassuring me about Country Dogs and boarding my dog Murphy [at the NYC/NJ/PA/MD site] over Christmas. I have browsed around your site a bit more and read the article linked, and I feel increasingly better about choosing your farm to board Murphy. I appreciate that you do not take on too many dogs at once and that there is a lot of room outdoors for the dogs to play and be dogs. As Murphy is a shelter dog and has never been to day care, I didn’t want him to be in a kennel where he would just sit in a cage and MAYBE get walked once or twice a day. I also even felt unsure about other daycare/boarding facilities that offer lots of play but seemed to have so many doggie clients with only indoor facilities (or very small outdoor facilities).”

Rhonda wrote:

“Just a very quick note to tell you Maggie & Ludo had a GREAT visit again at your [DC/NoVA] location this past January 2008. Alaina said when they turned down that last road to the driveway to drop them off Ludo was so excited she couldn’t keep him in the seat! Yes, he knew he’d been there before and was clearly happy to be visiting again (he’s one smart pup no doubt)! But she also said they were exhausted when they got home…still a good sign that a “great time was had by all”. We love Country Dogs, and certainly will be using you again!”

Nancy and Doug wrote:

“We just want to say thank you for providing such a wonderful place for dogs. We left our 4 year old Vizsla, Buddy, with Tom Cope and his family [at the NYC/NJ/PA/MD site] from 8/14/08 thru 9/2/08 and we can’t thank them enough. We have never left Buddy for that long of a period of time before. As it was getting closer and closer to leaving him, the thought of once again boarding him in a regular kennel with no exercise was getting us more and more upset. When we found your website on the internet, it sounded so wonderful that we thought of the old saying – if it sounds to good to be true – but we were wrong. We rode up to Tom’s farm and it was beautiful!! We booked it right away. We left Buddy there for almost 3 weeks. Buddy is very energetic and a real handful; Tom went way out of his way to work with him. We can’t thank Tom enough. He and his family are very special people to be providing a service like this. They truly care about what they are doing and we just want to say thank you!, thank you!!, thank you!!! We have already referred other people to him and we will definitely be sending Buddy there again. “

Matt wrote:

“I meant to tell you – the dogs came back [from your DC/NoVA site] not only happy and relaxed, but maybe even smarter! We’re so glad to know that your place works so well for them, and [hope to] send them there again soon.”

Amy wrote:

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Tom and his family [at theNYC/NJ/PA/MD site] for being so great. They picked up my puppy Vizla, Marley, and made me feel so comfortable leaving her in their hands. When [Tom] dropped her off he told me what an ‘energetic’ dog she was and showed me pictures of her swimming and running with the other dogs. Tom was really great and Marley seemed to have a great rapport with him. I definitely plan on using [you] again but wanted to express my gratitude to them for taking care of my dog while I was away.”

Ali wrote:

“Bouncer and Emma came home VERY happy yesterday [from yourNYC/NJ/PA/MD site]! Thank you for taking good care of them while we were away. It was a great experience for Adam and I and we will definitely send the pups back to camp on our next trip. It’s always a little scary to send your dogs off with a stranger, but Tom was so super nice and really made us feel comfortable when he came to pick them up.”

Greg wrote:

“Romeo and Julie had a great time at your facility [NYC/NJ/PA site]. You may use me as a reference for prospective clients.”

Esther wrote:

“You can certainly give my number & email as a reference for your wonderful job [at the NYC/NJ/PA site]. Thank you & my wish that your business will be successful. You two are great.”

Jennifer wrote:

“Thanks, Mark! We appreciate all you do to keep us coming back. We wouldn’t take the dogs anywhere else! As a side note, we tried one of the daycare boarding places near Tysons last year for a one-day board, and it was horrible! I actually took the dogs home rather than board there after I saw the conditions. The kennels were large, but there were tons [of dogs] and the smell was horrible (and the constant barking drove me crazy after 10 minutes!). I can only imagine how my sensitive Ellie would have done there overnight! Anyways… I learned my lesson. Even if we only need a one-day board, it’s probably best just to send them to the farm for the weekend. They always come home happy. :-)”

Patti wrote:

“We were very pleased with your farm, Adam and Jerry. We definitely want to board Gypsy at Country Dogs. She enjoyed running around the pen and meeting your staff (dogs and humans). We have decided to use your pick up and delivery service.”

Nicole wrote:

“I am very excited to have found Country Dogs. On most of our vacations we are able and excited to take our 80lb Anatolian Shepherd but that isn’t really an option when we fly out west and I felt very confident leaving her in your care. Living so close to the city, I feel that most of the extremely high-priced kennels and dog spas are targeted towards smaller dogs, that need less activity. Country Dogs lets big dogs be big dogs.”

Nicole, continued:

“I was also very touched by the calls from you. I felt that each dog that stays at Country Dogs is a welcome personality rather than just another dog in a crate. I actually recommended you to friends of mine who have two large dogs and they confirmed, by visiting you guys, what a great, rugged place it is… Thanks again for giving Kali a great place to play and for providing me with some peace of mind when I have to leave her behind.”

Karen wrote:

“Hi just wanted to let you know that my dogs are happy and exhausted. Thanks for taking such good care of them!! I am sure that the cold weather hampered their out door play, but we will certainly contact you again soon.”

Elizabeth wrote:

“We are big fans. We sent Maddie off for her first extended stay during our remodel project with trepidation—would she be lonely? Would she miss us? Would she be well-taken care of? Now, whenever we go on vacation, I feel like we’re giving Maddie a treat vacation, too, by sending her off for fresh air, exercise, and lots of positive attention. She comes back calm, happy, and fit. And when the van pulls up the next time—she runs down the front walk and jumps in!”

Stuart wrote:

“Given the demands of my job, I am out of town a good deal. Boarding with Country Dogs gives me great peace of mind.”

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