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Love dogs? We do too. But more importantly, we want to make sure that our “country dogs” have a great boarding experience: fresh air, exercise, safe/comfortable accommodations, and door-to-door pickup/delivery. While there are sometimes opportunities within metropolitan areas for open air environments for dogs, we’ve found that the small family farm is the best option for our type of boarding.

If you own or are planning to purchase a farm with the following attributes, we’d love to talk with you: within 90m of major metropolitan area, 15+ Acres, isolation from neighbors, pastoral setting, outbuilding for conversion, potential for large beautiful fenced-in areas for dogs to run.

There’s no better time to become a Country Dogs® licensee!

The Territories

DC/NoVA: Unavailable
NYC/NJ/PA: Unavailable
Boston: Available
Chicago: Available
San Francisco: Available
Dallas: Available
The Beauty of Country Dogs®

Country Dogs® licensees are people who want the great benefits from operating a dog boarding facility on their farm.

  • No Sales or Marketing: All sales, marketing, customer acquisition, booking and paperwork take place at our central office in Charlottesville, VA. This allows you to focus on serving our customers with dog boarding and transportation.
  • Rural Living/Urban Income: Licensees can enjoy the beauties of living on a farm in a rural area but utilize the income stream from the larger metropolitan areas
  • Proven Business Model: We have been perfecting our business model over the last six years. As such, you will benefit from our experience in everything from farm setup to customer acquisition to daily troubleshooting.
  • Equity Building Opportunity: You can enjoy the tax advantages of running a business on your property and building valuable equity in your real estate.
  • Be Your Own Boss: While we will provide all of the business support you need, your Country Dogs® Business is run under your own LLC or Corporation. You will own your real estate, your facility, your vehicle and your business.
  • Ideal Boarding and the Family Farm: A major part of Country Dogs® driving philosophy comes in our enlightened approach to dog boarding as well as our passion to preserve the family farm and limit suburban sprawl. Customers will thank you daily for what you do and that’s a good feeling.

The Country Dogs® Team

As a licensee, here is what you can expect from us:

Build-out consulting: Our experienced staff will consult with you about your plans for renovating anexisting facility or building a new facility from scratch.

Licensing & Permitting consulting: We will lend our expertise toward helping you get the proper permits and licenses to run your business. We will also provide on-site consultation to make sure you are doing things the “Country Dogs” way.

Start Up Marketing: As soon as your facility has been approved, we can begin to market your operation and even take advanced bookings.

Sales/Marketing/Operational Support: Once in operation, you will receive our comprehensive sales/marketing support including

  • photo tour on the website
  • automated quick-rate-quotes for your potential customers
  • monthly newsletters and e-mail correspondence with your customers
  • toll-free sales and fax support for your customers
  • online customer database, credit card processing and reservation system
  • reservations/bookings/customer support
  • bi-weekly pickup/delivery runs with directions to each address
  • 100% of sales, marketing, customer acquisition and customer retention is handled exclusively by Country Dogs, LLC.

Customer Online Log-In: Your customer will be able to login to our website, change their contact info, upload vet records, upload a picture, book a reservation, and leave special care instructions about their dog.

Licensee Online Log-In and CRM: Licensees enjoy a dedicated log-in to the customer database allowing them to easily access customer information, data, and pickup/delivery schedules.

Pickup/Delivery Support: You will be able to log-in to the website to obtain customer info, special care instructions and your pickup/delivery route. While on the road, you will have support from our operations staff if you get lost, need to contact customers, or get in an accident.

Wise Counsel: You will get the daily encouragement, support and wise counsel from all of us here at Country Dogs® about the ongoing operation of your business.

If you feel the Country Dogs® opportunity is right for you, please call Mark Cave at 888.711.7833 ext 1.

New Customers

New Customers

Please call 888.711.RUFF (7833), x1 to be assigned a username and password.

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Make Us An Offer!