Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Contact You?

How do I get in touch with you?

  • Phone Number: 888.711.7833
  • Fax Number: 888.711.7833

Yes, the fax number is the same number as our toll free number but when you dial, it reads it as voice or fax, then routes appropriately. If it is a fax, it will automatically convert to a PDF and send to us. If you are sending vet records, we will upload this to your profile. If you have an older fax machine, press ‘send’ as soon as the line picks up. Otherwise it will route to voicemail.

Administrative Office: 888.711.7833 ×1 and x2
Country Dogs NYC/NJ/CT: 888.711.7833 ×4 (call this number for dog status updates and boarding tours)
Country Dogs DC/NoVA:888.711.7833 ×3 (call this number for dog status updates and boarding tours)

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Where Are You Located?

Where are you located?

NYC/NJ/CT is served by our 25 acre farm in Stuveysant Falls, NY. Stuveysant Falls, NY is beautiful little hamlet just north of Hudson, NY. We pickup/deliver in NYC/NJ/CT on Mondays and Thursdays.

DC/NoVA is served by our 17 acre farm in Timberville, VA. Timberville is a little rural town located just south of Woodstock, VA in the sloping foothills of the Shenandoah valley. We pickup/deliver in DC/NoVA/MD on Mondays and Thursdays.

Call 1.888.711.RUFF (7833) x1 to set up a boarding.

We may be a little far for overnight boarding, but for long weekends and longer-term stays we are ideal. Also, many facilities pick up your dog and ride around with them all day. We have specific pickup/delivery times with a small number of dogs in order minimize your dog’s time in the vehicle (usually less than 3 hours). Moreover, you really have to get out in the country for your dog to experience the kind of large accommodations, off-leash runs, and clean, country air that we provide.

What is the NYC/NJ/CT facility like?

The farm serving NYC/NJ/CT is a beautiful property flanked by a medium-sized pond, a large open run, a large shady area with mature trees, and the upgraded barn used for boarding. In June of 2018, we added a new wing to the barn to accomodate small, medium, and large-sized dogs, integrated a bathing station, and upgraded the HVAC system. If you can’t come out and see the facility, trust us when we say you’ll be hard pressed to beat it for dog health, comfort, and fun!

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost to board?

The best place to get a quote for your boarding is to enter the specifics in our Quick Rate Quote calculator. Your quote will be emailed immediately to you. You will NOT get a better price by calling in or emailing directly, so check the Quick Rate Quote for the best discounts. If you sign up for our newsletter on the homepage, you will be the first to hear about our discounts/promotions and will receive periodic availability alerts if we are close to booking up. WE WILL NOT KEEP YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS unless you sign up for our newsletter.

Do you provide any discounts?

Yes. If boarding multiple dogs, you can save 50% on every dog after the first dog when staying in the same “stall.” For stays of 14 days or over, we will provide a 10% discount on all fees. For extremely long stays (over 1 month), we provide custom quotes with substantial discounts. Always check our Quick Rate Quote for the latest discounts and best-priced boardings. WE WILL NOT KEEP YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS unless you sign up for our newsletter.

How Do You Operate?

What vet records do I need to send?

Proof of Rabies and Bordetella. When you call your vet, give them our fax number 888.711.7833. If the shots are current, ask them to fax us and we will upload to your profile as soon as we get them. If they are not current, please get your dog to the vet. If you have your vet records you can just fax us yourself. If you have them electronically, you may just upload them to your profile. Please make sure to update the shot expiration dates in your dog’s profile there as well.

What is your pick-up/delivery schedule?

Mondays and Thursdays. Pickup and delivery times vary but are usually between 5PM and 11PM. 24-48 hours before your boarding, we EMAIL you a 1-1.5hr window in which we will arrive to pickup/deliver your dog. Please do not plan your travel too closely around the pickup time as we cannot control traffic patterns. We are very good, however, at hitting our pickup/delivery window.

Can I come visit the facility?

Absolutely. We do pre-boarding tours by appointment only (please call 888.711.7833 ×3 DC/NoVA and x4 NYC/NJ/CT). Because 95% of our business is pickup/delivery, we do not keep regular office hours on-site by design. Therefore, we require an appointment for the safety and protection of our boarders.

What if that the pickup/delivery schedule doesn’t work for me?

Country Dogs is perfect for long weekend stays (Thursday-Monday) and for longer stays (10-30 days). But our Monday/Thursday pickup/delivery schedule doesn’t work if you just want to stay overnight. You are welcome to drop off and pickup yourself, but only by appointment at least 48 hours in advance. We can also arrange a special pet taxi service on off days, but this tends to be a little pricey. Call 888.711.7833 x1 for details.

What should my pet bring to camp?

DO SEND a supply of dog food for the duration of his/her stay. Please keep in mind that any extra food will not be returned. Sorry. DO NOT SEND anything that you want to have returned (i.e., leashes, toys, bowls, bedding). Our focus out at the farm is totally upon providing comfortable and clean accommodations, lots of fresh air and plenty of exercise.

Where will my dog be kept most of the time?

In a converted horse barn with clean, spacious kennels.

Will my dog get cold in the winter or hot in the summer?

No. Your dog’s comfort is our #1 priority. Our “stalls” are fully winterized with radiant heat (DC/NoVA) and central heat (NYC/NJ/CT) reserved for bitter cold winter days. In the summer, we open the doors to the barn and let the cool air blow through (this also helps keep our facilities fresh and natural). On extremely hot days, we have central air conditioning in our NYC/NJ/PA barn and fans in our DC/NoVA barn (temperature in the DC/NoVA barn doesn’t exceed 75 degrees given the setting under a canopy of trees). In the fall of 2015, we added two custom cabins to the DC/NOVA farm that are both heated and air-conditioned.

How many times will my dog get out of his/her stall?

We guarantee 2 times daily for 4-6 hours (total) off leash. In our DC/NoVA facility, we have a 3/4 acre pond around which the dogs play and socialize for hours on end and an adjoining 3/4 acre shaded run for hot summer days. In our NYC/NJ/CT facility, we have a 1-acre run that winds through the woods and then opens up into a large grassy field in addition to a 1/2 acre pond run as well. These runs are a special features of Country Dogs and well worth the price of admission alone. ALL RUNS ARE FENCED IN TO PREVENT ESCAPE.

How will Country Dogs® treat my precious pet?

Like one of our own. We take a highly personal approach to boarding, making every attempt to understand and appreciate your dogs’ behaviors and special qualities.

How many dogs can you board?

We are a fairly small, intimate boarding facility. In DC/NoVa we have 27 stalls. In NYC/NJ/CT, we have 24 stalls. Our dog to staff ratio is excellent, therefore, rarely exceeding 10-15 dogs per staff member.

What is your safety/health record?

Excellent. Partly because we are very strict about all dogs having complete paperwork and partly because the dogs are more relaxed during their stay with us. On rare occasions, a dog will go home with diarrhea, a cut or scratch, a hotspot, or a bit of nervousness. But these are the exception, not the rule. Our customer satisfaction is very high, our repeat boardings excellent, and if dogs could talk, we’re confident they would give us high marks.

What happens in case of an emergency?

In the unlikely event that a dog gets sick or hurt, we will call all of the numbers you provide in your private log-in area, call your veterinarian and get your dog as quickly as possible to the local veterinarian. After we’ve addressed the emergency, we will start calling and emailing all parties to make sure we are making the right decisions for you and your dog.

What Are People Saying About You?

Do you have any client testimonials or referrals?

YES! Click here to read them now.

What's Your Philosophy?

How is Country Dogs unique?

Aside from outdoor exercise, fresh air, natural real-grass runs, and spacious accommodations, there are four things that give us a unique advantage over our competition and allow us to provide superior care to our campers:

  • efficiency of a web-based business
  • economy of off-site administration
  • concept of door-to-door pickup/delivery
  • strategic proximity to our target market

How did Country Dogs get started to serve DC/NoVA?

Country Dogs started with our 17 acre farm in the Shenandoah Valley and has been in operation since July 2004. Formerly a small family farm used for private horse-boarding, the farm was converted to dog boarding at the encouragement of a family friend and owner of a dog-walking business. He correctly maintained that there were very few good outdoor-oriented, long-term dog boarding facilities out there. Given our great customer support and steady growth, we have expanded to serve the NYC market as well.

Why do you run Country Dogs?

Dog boarding is not an easy, get-rich-quick kind of business. It requires that we be on-task 24/7, 365 days a year. Moreover, we take care of your best friends, your children and, in many cases, your soul mates. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

The safest route would be to run a highly controlled, prison-like environment. Many kennels approach boarding like this, trying to minimize every potential risk by treating dogs like commodities to be protected, a family heirloom to be stored in a safe deposit box until claimed. While we would never risk your dog’s health or safety, we believe it’s cruel to keep dogs in a cage without fresh air or exercise for long periods of time.

Even though our runs are always supervised and in an enclosed environment, letting a dog off leash carries with it added risk. Your dog could get in a fight with another dog and get injured; s(he) could somehow scale the fence in the run and get away (although highly unlikely); or your dog could run headlong into a tree! That’s the minor risk that we all take when dogs are off-leash.

However, Country Dogs is a place where we let dogs be dogs. If you share our philosophy, we welcome you to board with us!

Is it worth it?

When we have time, we often reflect on what we do for a living. But thinking back over the thousands of dogs we’ve boarded over the years, we’re extremely proud of what we stand for and accomplish. In the spectrum of dog care, we have not taken the easy road but rather the more challenging, high road. Getting dogs out, together, in a common run for hours of fresh air and exercise is a very difficult, time-consuming undertaking. And we often note that there have only been a handful of dogs we felt didn’t enjoy their stay. In those cases, there was usually something fundamentally unstable about the dog (past abuse, over-parenting, anti-social, ill). The overwhelming majority of our visitors we know have a wonderful time and, in that profound canine way of expression, they tell us they appreciate what we do. So, yeah, that’s worth it.

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New Customers

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