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We provide a door-to-door pickup and delivery service to NYC/NJ/CT and DC/NoVA. We have served over 3,000 customers with over 8,000 boardings since July 2004. Board your dog with us! 1.888.711.RUFF

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About Us

  • Mark and Victoria Cave, Owners, are dedicated to the operation and passionate about the mission of Country Dogs. Mark is a former teacher at the Maret School in Washington, DC and has a broad business and non-profit background. He was a business exectuive with an educational software company and a German internet company in the 1990's and owned an Italian ceramics store and an authentic Italian cafe in the 2000's. But Mark is also a seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist. He co-founded College Bound in 1991, is a member of Washington Latin Public Charter School's Board of Governors and served in a variety of roles on the Charlottesville Police Foundation. Victoria is an international speaker about the Orff Schulwerk teaching methodology and is on the music faculty at St. Anne's Belfield in Charlottesville, VA. We bring this kind of background for business, education and outreach to our work here at Country Dogs. Most importanly, our dogs, litter-mates Daisy and Gatsby, spent many a happy day on the Shenandoah Valley farm chasing squirrels and ducks and hope yours will too. You can reach Mark at 888.711.7833 ext. 1

More About Us

Values: We believe strongly that dogs prefer to be outdoors with room to run in happy/safe playtime with other dogs. We require that our kennels be over-sized, comfortable and immaculately clean, but we try to preserve the rustic quality of a farm setting. Our goal is to make our boarders feel that they’ve been sent to camp (not prison) and should return home happy, healthy, rested, relaxed, and perhaps even a little tired from all the exercise.

Good Boarders vs Bad Boarders: Over the years we’ve found that the following qualities in a dog fit well with Country Dogs: Social, Healthy, 1-10 yrs old, Obedient. These qualities do not fit well with Country Dogs: Overly aggressive (biters and fighters), Runners (escape artists), Infirm (sickly, heavily-medicated), Aged (10+ years old), Loud (howlers, yappers). If your dog has any of the latter qualities, please discuss with us. Any dog that is not neutered or that has socialization issues will need to be housed in our private runs (available upon request).

Our Specialty: Given the nature of our facilities, the large size of our kennels, and the amount of outdoor time provided, we have become quite popular for longer-term, larger-dog boardings. We are, however, a great facility for smaller dogs and weekend boardings (pickup Thursday; dropoff Monday).

Track Record: Country Dogs has an excellent record of providing a safe, humane, exercise and fresh-air-oriented boarding experience for dogs. We have served over 2000 customers with over 6000 boardings in multiple locations since July 2004 (DC/NoVA).

Vision: We would like to offer the Country Dogs® experience to other urban areas. Not only do we believe that dogs should have a natural outdoor experience, we also believe in preserving our country’s historic farmhouses and farmland. We love to find interesting rural properties and restore them in creative, profitable, and (of course) animal-friendly ways.

A Good Business Opportunity We are actively looking for farm owners who are interested in the Country Dogs® opportunity. If you own or plan to purchase a farm located within 100 miles of a major city, we’d love to chat with you.

Ideal locations include the following: farmhouse for owner/caretaker, barn/outbuilding for dog lodging, remoteness from neighbors, 15+ acres of land for common dog runs, all within 100 miles of major city. Our current priorities and major areas of interest are Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte (license pending), Phoenix, Orlando/St. Pete, Miami, and San Francisco.

If you own or plan to purchase a farm with the above criteria and are interested in the Country Dogs® opportunity, please contact Mark Cave at 888.711.7833 ×1 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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New Customers

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